Château La Grave

Born and bred as a winemaker, Jean-François creates beautiful wines of high quality.
"Good wine is only created from hard work and a thorough care constantly brought to the vineyard."
The property stretches over 90 hectares, 45 of which are Minervois appellation.
The soil is split into two areas : the fresh land and the arid land.
The fresh land, north, is for the whites. They are grown on wet clayish soils thanks to a natural supply of water. The clay lies on banks of sandstone. Water is also retained by the sandstone in the upper layers of the subsoil. This alchemy protects the vineyard from drought and ensures very good acidities whatever the vintage. Old Maccabeu, white Grenache , Marsanne, Sauvignon and Chardonnay are suited best for these soils.
The arid lands, south, are for the reds. They are covered with large and small gravel stones hence the name of the property (La Grave). These lands are light and aerated. The stones shield the sun as well as they hold the evaporation. This is an ideal location for the reds, including the Mourvedre despite we are close to the limit of where it can climatically grow. The earth is hard to work as it is abrasive and wears easily our tools. As like most areas of the Minervois the subsoil is various. In one single vineyard, there are a variety of different soils.
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Château La Grave

Château La Grave is situated in the village of Badens .

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Château La Grave
Jean François OROSQUETTE
Château La Grave
11800 Badens FRANCE
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